Terms & Conditions

All extensions have the same "per-installation" usage license:

  1. If you or your company personally and directly owns one or multiple webstores, you may use a single license for each store. Separate license must be obtained for each extra installation.
  2. If you are a doing work for another person's website, for example a web design company who is hired by clients with their own websites, you may not share and MUST purchase a separate license for each client.
  3. Paid mods must not be resold or redistributed by any 3rd party seller. We retain all rights to our work.

There is no time limit to the validity of your license, you can use the extension on 1 OpenCart website, for as long as you like.

Support & Refund
Please check our Support Policy

Custom Work
All custom work is charged "per-job" instead of "per-hour". This allows us to give a fair estimate for a job and charge the exact same fee to someone else. This prevents people from getting ripped off if they paid $200 for 5 hours of work, and then the module is resold at $50. This business model also allows us to subsidize my costs keeping them cheaper for each person. We retain the rights to all custom work and may resell it at will unless an exclusivity agreement has been made with us.

Exclusivity Agreements
If you'd like to buy an exclusive custom modification that we won't resell, that can be arranged as well at a higher cost, as we will not be able to subsidize or resell. You can contact us for more information on exclusivity agreements.

We reserve the right to change the “Terms & Conditions” at any point in time without prior notice.

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