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This is applied to WeDoWeb's extensions. All our extensions come with 1 year free support after purchasing
After a year, if needed, ongoing support can be added. You will get
  • Support to ALL purchased extensions: if you have bought multiple extensions from us, you need to purchase 1 support package only
  • Quick response: we will get back to you within 1 business day

Once purchased, please contact us at and provide all following details to get support

  • Email used to purchase the extensions that need support or Order ID
  • Email used to purchase the support package or Order ID
  • Details of the problems, like error messages, what does not work as expected. E.g color boxes are supposed to show on page XYZ but don't etc
  • Link to the page on the site that has problems, steps to replicate the problem. E.g go to page ABC, enter XYZ then click Submit.
  • Admin access to your site
  • FTP access to your site
The information is required for us to assist you with resolving the problem, we will look at it as soon as we can after all details are provided.

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