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This extensions makes it possible to add Size Option with Width and Height inputs to products.

Version: 1.4

Author: WeDoWeb


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Sample Product with Size Option

Sample Product with Size Option (with proportional size enabled)

Admin (demo/demo)

Compatible with most themes
Customising the extension to work with your theme (even custom ones) is provided at no extra cost
Just drop an email to for any questions or supports.

Add Size Option:

- Go to Admin/Catalog/Options/Insert
- Enter Size (or any name you wish) as Option Name
- Select Size as Type
- Select options to be scaled with size (check Scale with size settings section below for more details)

Scale with Size Settings:
Options that are selected as scale with size will have their price multiplied by the entered size

For example:
The product has another option called Use Special Material with price = +$10
Normally, if customer selects Use Special Material, then $10 will be added to the total price

However, we have a product with adjustable size here, so the material cost should be increased if the size is larger
If Use Special Material is selected in "scale with size" settings,
then $10 x width x height will be added to total price instead of $10

size 1 x 2 -> extra price for Special Material will be $20
size 2 x 2 -> extra price for Special Material will be $40

IMPORTANT: Scale with Size settings only works correctly if product has only 1 size option. If you have more than 1 size option per product, unselect all options in Scale with Size (Catalog > Options > Size Option) to avoid incorrect price calculation.

Add Size Option to Product:

- Add a new product or edit an existing one
- Under Option Tab, choose to add the created Size Option
- Set Min/Max Width/Height, Cost per Square * Min price value

Cost per square: is for price calculation, option's price = width x height x [cost per square]
e.g width = 2, height = 3, [cost per square] = 5 -> option's price = $30

Min price: minimum option price, if width x height x [cost per square] < [min price], min price value will be used as option's price
width = 2, height = 3, [cost per square] = 5, [min price] = 35 -> option's price = $35
width = 3, height = 3, [cost per square] = 5, [min price] = 35 -> option's price = $45

Enable proportional size: default value is No, when enabled, width & height values entered by customers will be automatically adjusted to match the width / height ratio set below. E.g when propotional size is enabled and width / height ratio is 1/3, and customers enter 2 as width, the height will be calculated and changed to 6.

Width / Heigh ratio:  only round numbers can be used. E.g 2/3, 2/5 not 1/1.5, 1/2.5

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v1.4 (26/01/2015)
- OpenCart 2 compatible

v1.3 (19/10/2014)
- New feature: proportional size (Width / Height ratio)
- Bug fixes

v1.2.2 (16/7/2014)
- Bug fixes

v1.2.1 (11/7/2014)
- Bug fixes

v1.2 (9/7/2014)
- Add Lexus Store theme's compatible version
- Add minimum price setting: if calculated option price is less than min price, then use min price value
- Add option to exclude product price when calculating total price: apply to all products with size options
- New language file: admin/language/catalog/product_size_option.php

v1.1.1 (18/4/2014)
- Support more themes
- Update style
- Compatible with OpenCart

v1.1 (22/9/2013)
- Add scale with size configuration
- Add language files
- Add Tranda theme's compatible version

v1.0 (28/7/2013)
- Initial release

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